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Tim Gillett is an educator who has taught in the United States and Europe. He has a masters in American Studies from Trinity College and BA in International Studies from Kenyon College. He is pursuing life-dreams of seeing the world, mostly on foot.

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  1. Tim, this blog is amazing. The photos are stunning and the way you tell the story of these adventures is relaxed and riveting at the same time – it’s like that book you just don’t want to put down. There is so much feigned perfection on social media but you have kept this grounded by including the mishaps like the iPad and the car window and the gas cap to name a few. It was really interesting to read about handling panic, because you’re doing all these incredibly courageous things that would be completely daunting and stressful for the average person – so even though the crowded bus ride is stressful for you, you actually made this adventure happen by yourself without flipping out over the potential lack of food and shelter or hiking after dark. 🙂

    I linked to the blog from FB and have been reading it on the bus commute between Torrington and Hartford; it’s a fun way to explore vicariously, it’s entertaining, and it has that chicken soup for the soul quality. I shared it with some of my family because I think they will love it too. Thanks for sharing it with the world!!!

    1. Hi Jen, your comment means so much to me and I apologize that I didn’t see it until tonight! Thanks so much for following along. I can’t wait to hike with John and his brothers in August! Best! -Tim

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