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Apparent Santa Sighting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Dec 24th, Phonm Pehn – Just minutes ago around midnight local time, a number of homesick Western tourists appeared to witness what they could only conclude as Mr. St. Nicklaus himself. One onlooker was able to snap a quick photo of the mysterious man on foot heading due west down 174th Street. The picture appears to be of a male in a red suit and hat, and white suspenders. Suspiciously, he appears to be wearing sandals. The unconfirmed picture of Kris Kringle also casts doubt when one looks at the subject’s waistline, a much skinnier version than previous December 25ths. Add to that what appears to be a long mane off golden hair and it’s not certain whether Santa has been spotted, or perhaps a big-foot, yeti, or one of the many recently reported wookiee sightings.

New photo and subsequent interview confirm find: Santa is in Phnom Penh!


This photo taken just before midnight local time seems to confirm what earlier witnesses had concluded. Santa Claus is indeed in Phnom Penh! When the subject was asked about the new younger fit and hippie look, the so-called Santa gave a simple response.

“It’s been so warm this season, I didn’t think I needed the extra weight to stay cozy this Christmas. So I’ve been doing the pilates with the Mrs. and we’re using the face-creams on a nightly basis; I feel like we fit right in with the crunchy twenty-something crowd here in Southeast Asia!”

“And that would explain the sandals?”

“Indeed. Check these babies out! Those elves did one heck of a job this year hemming my suit and custom making these ready-for-the-beach Santa “boots!”

“Well Santa, you better finish up that cocktail, er um.. those plate of cookies. A lot of work yet to do tonight.”

“Ho ho ho. You betcha, kiddo!”

And with a nod of his nose and a twinkle in his eye, he was gone. But I heard him exclaim as he mopedded out of sight. “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Merry Christmas from Phnom Penh, everyone!